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When Shove Goes Back to Push
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Rage For Fame
Electronic Panda
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33 used & new available from $8.42

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1. Do You Sense That? Listen Listen
2. Always Illiterate Listen Listen
3. Picked Last Listen Listen
4. Hamburger Pickle Listen Listen
5. Robocop Spacecraft Listen Listen
6. Do You Sense That? (Pt. 2) Listen Listen
7. I Am Bored Listen Listen
8. You Are Boring Listen Listen
9. Manic Wristwatch Listen Listen
10. Community Parking Listen Listen
11. Packed Pact Listen Listen
12. Aquatic Control Listen Listen
13. Rage For Fame Listen
14. Attention Police Listen
15. Rum Machine Listen
16. Lost In Transmission Listen
17. Trophy Smile Listen
18. Reflections Staff Listen
19. Bowling Grin Listen
20. Parallel Barking Listen
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

Electronic Panda changed my life! , May 24, 2006
Reviewer: A music fan
I just picked up this phenomenal album. I really did not think that Electronic Panda could top "No Alterior Motive," but now sitting here, I have been proved wrong. This album has changed my life. The manic frenzied "Packed Pact" made me entirely rethink drum machines, "Community Parking" takes cowbells to the next level and the song "Manic Wristwatch" brings me to tears. Some would say that 99 tracks is too much. But when it's 99 tracks coming from Electronic Panda, it's not enough.

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